The Ohlone people have left a record of approximately 13,000 years of human history, and today they are trying to overcome the onus of their sentence of "extinction" by continuing to educate the general public, academic institutions and the Federal Government. After eight years of being in the petitioning process, and after the submittal of several thousand pages of documentation, on May 24, 1996 the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Branch of Acknowledgment and Research (BAR) made a positive determination that:

Based upon the documentation provided, and the BIA's background study on Federal acknowledgment in California between 1887 and 1933, we have concluded on a preliminary basis that the Pleasanton or Verona Band of Alameda County was previous acknowledged between 1914 and 1927. The band was among the groups, identified as bands, under the jurisdiction of the Indian agency at Sacramento, California. The agency dealt with the Verona Band as a group and identified it as a distinct social and political entity.